Easy, fast, and low-cost

There are three ways you'll save money shipping your Frontier Sawmill:

  1. Your Frontier Sawmill can be shipped to you for a lot less than you think - usually just a few hundred dollars. That's because it is compactly packaged in kit form within in a single crate - so you don't pay to ship air!(for non standard deliveries, please speak to your sales rep at +1-705-325-0030 for additional options to safely receive your new mill)
  2. Our high shipping volumes have earned us the industry's biggest discounts on freight rates.
  3. Our carriers compete for each shipment - so you get the absolute lowest delivery rate possible.

Need delivery outside of North America? No problem.

Shipping Frontier Sawmills to every corner of the globe is still very cost effective. For your quote, dial +1-705-325-0030 or email us at [email protected].

Shipment in the U.S.A. & Canada:

In the U.S.A. and Canada, Frontier Sawmills ship by common carrier freight truck (directly to your residence or business), so it's important that your delivery address is easily accessible to a tractor-trailer. Shipped in knockdown form (though the sawhead comes pre-assembled), the Frontier Sawmill is securely packaged in a 7'3" x 2'1" x 2'10" (2.2m x 0.63m x .87m) crate.

You or your designated agent must be present to accept the order and offload it. If no one is at the delivery address to accept the order, re-delivery and storage charges may apply. After your order has shipped, you may want to call the trucking company to confirm the date of delivery; call us to obtain your carrier name and phone number, shipment tracking number, and ship date.

* A liftgate is required on the delivery truck to bring the crate down to ground level, so transit times may vary depending upon the availability of liftgate delivery services to your location. Alternatively, please advise us at the time you place your order if you have a forklift that you can use to safely unload the crate from the back of the truck.

Pick-Up in the U.S.A. & Canada:

If you would like to pick up your sawmill order directly from one of our warehouses, please call us toll-free at 1-800-567-0404, three business days in advance, so that we can have your order ready. You will need a pick-up truck, full-size van, or sturdy trailer.

Shipment Outside the U.S.A. & Canada:

We ship sawmills to over 100 countries. Because we dedicate experienced staff solely to servicing international customers, shipments to global destinations are handled professionally, quickly, and smoothly.

If you are outside North America, contact Norwood at +1-705-325-0030 or [email protected].

How To Order

Important: To ensure that you receive the best possible value, the Frontier Sawmill ships in knockdown form (the sawhead comes factory-assembled) and includes step-by-step assembly instructions with detailed illustrations, exploded views, and photos.

Important: All orders are shipped prepaid, which means that the shipping charges are paid at the time of your order. In all cases, before signing for the shipment (by signing the freight waybill or packing slip), please check your order carefully upon delivery to ensure that you receive all pieces and boxes listed on your packing slip and that they are in good order. Note missing or damaged pieces on the freight waybill before signing. Any claims not reported in writing on the freight waybill at the time of delivery become the sole responsibility of the purchaser; failure to report missing or damaged pieces and boxes in writing on the freight waybill at the time of delivery nullifies your insurance and precludes any subsequent claims.