Why Frontier Sawmills

Why You Should Choose a Norwood Frontier Sawmill Instead of “Theirs”

We’re not afraid to meet this head on, so let’s compare what you’ll get with the Norwood’s Frontier Sawmill against those low-cost machines built in China.

There are crucial differences, starting with sawmill designers… Here’s a hint: You can have Norwood’s proven innovative design…or you can have inferior Chinese “wannabe” design.

We believe you’ll soon understand that the high level of Norwood quality, innovation, and reliability is what sets the Frontier sawmill apart from any other.

We are committed to giving you a more affordable, QUALITY option, without cutting corners on value, function, or safety.

Frontier Portable Sawmills Everybody Else...

Outstanding Strengths of the Frontier ...


  • The OS27 was born from more than two years of planning and design. Norwood created ALL elements of the design using our high standards of innovative engineering.
  • Other companies count on their Chinese factories to design their sawmills. (Yes, they outsource the design! WE DON’T!)
  • The backbone of the Frontier sawmill is Norwood’s patented laminated sawhead construction giving it the strongest and most rigid core possible.
  • No other company can incorporate this incredibly effective patented, Norwood technology into their products.
  • Frontier Sawmills delivers the highest production volumes in its class thanks to Norwood’s patented auto-locking sawhead, a feature that saves you hours of tedious, repetitive operations.
  • You’ll unlock and relock the sawhead dozens of times … for each log. Or, you’ll be limited to pre-set depths at which you can set your sawhead. Either way, with theirs, you have to compromise.
  • Frontier Sawmills are built to rigorous international safety standards.
  • The Chinese-designed and built machines fail to meet internationally recognized safety standards.
  • The OS27 uses more material to build a heavier sawmill because we refuse to compromise on quality and durability. You’ll enjoy the same smooth cutting ability as ALL Norwood mills.
  • Chinese factories charge by weight. To reduce their costs, every other company who imports cheap sawmills want as little metal as possible in the machines they want to sell you—guaranteed to put the “rough” into rough sawn lumber.
  • Enjoy more power (and reliable power) with the standard 13.5hp (420cc) Briggs gas engine on the OS27.
  • Underpowered sub-10hp motors will bog down in the cut. Don’t roll the dice with their no-name engine.
  • Beefy construction: Large 19” diameter cast-iron band wheels for greater torque and increased blade life, a full-size 144” band blade for increased blade life, strong box-beam cross-bunks, and precision laser-cut track.
  • Undersized band wheels and blades, and feeble frameworks severely compromise power, capability, and reliability, particularly when combined with non-professional design and lower-quality materials.
  • Customizable – Trailer, auto-lube system, and cam-dog available.
  • Your ability to grow your sawmill will be limited … and no chance to trailer your sawmill from site to site.
  • You get honesty! – We are open and truthful about Frontier sawmills, and where they are built. If owning quality equipment built in North America is important to you, choose an original Norwood, fully confident that you are getting what you ordered.
  • You are kept in the dark, not knowing where your sawmill is made or by who. Beware of claims sawmills are “packaged” here (that is code for “made” somewhere else!). Some companies simply avoid telling you anything. Sadly, a couple of companies have even been caught outright lying, claiming their machines are made here and not in China!

As you can see, when you compare Frontier Sawmills with the mills built offshore, there really isn’t any question…

You Want the Center of Your Sawing Operation to be Backed by Someone You TRUST!

Only you know which direction is best for your needs. No matter which way you go, you can be assured of Norwood’s quality and durability.

But remember, you don’t have to go it alone either!

Our sawmill experts are just a phone call away, ready, willing, and able to help you determine which Norwood portable sawmill will fill the bill for you.

Call TOLL-FREE: 1-800-567-0404 to get all your questions answered.

There’s never any pressure or hard sell.

We love talking sawmills, and we’re here to serve you!

“Never would have dreamed I would be producing my own lumber to build on my property. It has paid for itself 10X over. If you’re hesitating, take my advice. You will not be disappointed.”
- Jerrod Villarreal, MI