Frontier OS27 Sawmill with 13hp (420cc) Briggs engine

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The Frontier OS27 Portable Sawmill is a more affordable portable sawmill backed by Norwood’s commitment to innovation, safety, and quality. It is our first and only sawmill manufactured outside of North America.
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The Frontier OS27 sawmill was two years in planning and we left no stone unturned in the process. We didn’t skimp or cut corners on the reliable features we’ve built into this tough little mill.

Other companies turn over the design of their sawmills to offshore manufacturers who, quite frankly, find the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to build a product.

But that’s not how we do things at Norwood. Yes, we made a tough decision to go offshore so we could offer an entry-level sawmill that would fit into more budgets. But we knew from the start; we wouldn’t settle for any slipshod materials or flimsy design elements.

Unlike other sawmills manufactured in China, Norwood’s smart designs and patented innovations are part and parcel of the Frontier OS27. That means you can trust in the reliable quality you’ll enjoy and depend on with your decision to go with Frontier.

In fact, our designers have personally traveled overseas numerous times, to supervise the production of the Frontier, carefully inspect each mill, and thereby create another layer of quality control for every single OS27 produced.

Plus, we have them build in limited quantities, assuring that quality will not be compromised by a hurried, mass production of our mill.

You’ll be impressed with the thoughtful design and functionality of the Frontier OS27.

We even offer optional features that can help maximize the use and utility of your mill, including a trailer system, cam dog, and auto-lube system.


Now let’s get down to the literal nuts and bolts of the Frontier OS27!

We invite you to go through these features carefully. Then compare what you’ll get with Norwood to ANY other portable sawmill manufactured offshore (that is if they even reveal that important fact!).

There simply isn’t any question. With Norwood, you’ll have the quality, integrity, and reliability you need and deserve in your portable sawmill.

The Frontier OS27 is built to last. Don’t settle for less.

  • The Frontier OS27 was born from more than two years of planning and design.
  • Norwood created ALL elements of the design using our high standards of innovative engineering.
  • The backbone of the Frontier OS27 sawmill is Norwood’s patented laminated sawhead construction giving it the strongest and most rigid-possible core.
  • The Frontier OS27 delivers the highest production volumes thanks to Norwood’s patented auto-locking sawhead, a feature that saves you hours of tedious, repetitive operations.
  • Take it to GO! Yes, you can trailer your Frontier OS27 sawmill! Mill where you fell your trees. Or, saw on someone else’s property.
  • The Frontier OS27 is built to rigorous international safety standards.
  • We’ve included durable wear-resistant vertical guide blocks.
  • The standard 13.5hp (420cc) Briggs gas engine delivers more power (as compared to “their” underpowered sub-10hp motors).
  • Large 19” diameter cast-iron bandwheels for greater torque and increased blade life.
  • A full-size 144” band blade for increased blade life.
  • Precision laser-cut track.
  • Strong box-beam cross-bunks.
  • Customizable – Trailer, auto-blade lube system and cam-dog available!
  • The Frontier OS27 is protected by powder-coat (as versus less durable wet spray paint) and zinc-plating.
  • It’s easy to put together, and the sawhead is already assembled.

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More Information
Shipping Width 63cm
Sawhead Depth Adjustments Infiniment variable (vs. pignons préréglés limités)
Shipping Height 87cm
Shipping Length 220cm
Maximum Log Diameter 27” (69cm)
Maximum Cant Width 22” (56cm)
Bed Length 14’ (4.1m)
Board Length 11’ (3.5m)
Bed Extensions 7' (2.1m) (Longueur illimitée)
Blade Length 144”
Blade Width 1 ¼”
Engines 13.5hp (420cc) Briggs ( début de recul)
Carriage Configuration Rigid 4-post with laminated lower frames
Finish Laqué
Blade Engagement Embrayage centrifugue
Blade Lube Standard
Blade Guide System Rouleaux avec roulements doubles étanches
Carriage Wheels Usiné avec roulements scellés
Bandwheels 19” cast-iron
Sawhead Laminated construction (Breveté)
Sawhead Locking System Verrouillage automatique (Breveté)
Depth-of-Cut Scale 2”, 1”, 9/8”, 6/4”, ¾”
Leveling Feet Standard
Log Rests Long et court (x2)
Log Clamp Screw-dog (x1)
Trailer System Optionnel
Cam Dog Optionnel
Auto-Lube System Optionnel
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