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Free Catalogue & DVD

Frontier Sawmills Trailer Sub-Frame Extension & Support Jacks

Mobility Sub-Frame Extension & Support Jacks (Set of 2)

The Ultimate Guide to Portable Sawmills

  • Get the Ultimate Guide free — you just pay shipping
  • Your biggest sawmilling questions answered!
  • Game-changing secrets for sawmilling success
  • Milling for money
  • 7 essentials for choosing the right sawmill
  • Cutting — Drying — Grading
  • Plus plans — build your world!
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In this gorgeous full-colour book, you’ll discover…

The Seven Essentials you MUST know to choose the right portable sawmill for YOU. Don’t make an expensive mistake! Follow these important guidelines and get it right the first time.

How you can turn your portable sawmill into a profitable business. It’s surprisingly easy when you follow these THREE steps. PLUS you’ll also get THREE proven business models for getting started. This is how you can make your portable sawmill quickly pay for itself!

Fun insider tips and ideas for building your world from the ground up. From trestle tables to cabins, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this chapter will ignite your creativity and help you get started with a project for your home.

Exactly what you need to know to prepare for that first log. Follow these expert strategies, and you’ll soon be celebrating milling your first log on your portable sawmill. HINT: “Begin with the end in mind.” These crucial preparations will make this easy as can be—and can make all the difference between that “uh oh” feeling and happy milling!

Plus so much MORE including a wealth of information about drying your wood, sawing patterns, and an introduction to lumber grading!

Order your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Portable Sawmills today!

146 colour pages (8½" x 11" paperback), ISBN 978-0-9961369-0-7 (print), ISBN 978-0-9961369-1-4 (e-book), published by Norwood Industries Inc., 2015.

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