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Over a quarter century ago, Norwood Sawmills founder Peter Dale took action to turn his long-held desire for a cabin in the woods into a reality.

But there was a problem…

Between the cost of lumber and the existing portable sawmills at that time, there was no way he could manage the cost.

So, he did what forward-thinking entrepreneurs have been doing for hundreds of years. He found his solution by building his own band sawmill.

Even then, he set the bar high. The sawmill had to be done right. In addition to being affordable, it had to be strong, reliable, and accurate.

Peter Dale never settled for average. He understood and was prepared to spend the necessary time on design, testing, and refining his concept.

His efforts positioned Norwood as a leader in portable sawmills.

And that legacy lives on today.

Meeting the Need. Exceeding Expectations.

Peter Dale set the standard for novel designs, innovative technology, and simple yet effective mechanical concepts applied in creative ways.

Through the years, Norwood has consistently met the needs of sawyers around the world with well-thought-out designs.

Today, Norwood Sawmills has more than fifty patents on innovative yet practical personal sawmills and components, more than ALL other sawmill companies in the world combined!

Norwood has sawmills in service in more than 100 countries, performing steadily since early 1993 without any issues, a testament to Norwood’s ongoing commitment to quality and dependability.

At Norwood, we’ve never been afraid to take on a challenge.

We’ve never wavered in our commitment to providing hard-working people like you with efficient, reliable, accurate, no-nonsense sawmilling equipment at fair prices.

And we believe it is of utmost importance to listen to our Norwood family of sawmill users and to remain available and responsive.

That means we also listen to the comments, questions, and suggestions of those who are still waiting to invest in their first Norwood sawmill.

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