Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the terms of our commitment to your privacy. It includes information on what data we (Frontier Sawmills) stores, how it is processed and what is it used for, and how you can access your data and opt-out of marketing activities.

Inquiries related to privacy can be addressed to [email protected] to the attention of the Digital Marketing Manager.

Summary of Policy

Frontier processes, collects and stores consumer data. Personally identifiable information is collected in several ways through the use of the website (described in detail below) where necessary to provide service (in the case of an order or inquiry) or for marketing communications purposes with the consent of the user.

Persons Or Parties Covered

This Privacy Policy is intended to cover all visitors to this website, all subscribers to email communications, all members or affiliates, and all customers. Persons who visit or view this website, whether intentionally or unintentionally, whether solicited or unsolicited, are described herein as "Visitors" and are parties to this Privacy Policy. Subscribers to email communications are referred to herein as "Subscribers" and are parties to the Privacy Policy. Persons who join an organization or marketing endeavor (e.g. "affiliates") promoted by this website are called "Members" herein and are covered by this Privacy Policy. Finally, anyone who orders, attempts to order, or receives a product sold (recipients) or advertised on or delivered from this website, even at no cost, is called a "Customer" herein and is subject to this Privacy Policy not only by passive acceptance, but by virtue of the Purchase Agreement contract. The website, its agents, owners, operators, and employees are referred to collectively herein as "Website," "Site," and/or "Seller".

Persons Excluded From This Website Are Still Covered

In the event that a person excluded from this website because of the Terms of Use or from denial of service by the website, who nonetheless unlawfully views this site, that person remains subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy and is in violation of the Terms of Use.

Viewing and/or Use and/or Communication Is Construed As Acceptance Of The Terms Of This Policy

Acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy is a portion of the consideration required for your right to visit the website. If you do not accept these terms, you have no right to visit this site.

About The Personal Information This Website Collects And How It Is Used

This website routinely collects information about its visitors, subscribers, members, and customers. This information is obtained in various ways, such as:

Visitor, Subscriber, Member, or Customer Information Obtained From 'Registration'

Registration means that the Visitor, Subscriber, Member or Customer takes active, positive steps to communicate information to this website. This can include pages or 'pop ups' where you register or subscribe to an email mailing list; it can include your participation in visitor surveys; it can include requesting information from the website via email, mail, or courier; it may be from joining an affiliate program or other membership organization, paid or unpaid; it may be from ordering a product; it may be from joining a related forum. Data that is collected through website registration includes, but is not limited to, full name, address, email address, and telephone number.

Occasionally complete credit card information may be provided to Frontier Sawmills via fax or phone rather than regular secure merchant service processing. This information is kept at the highest level of security and is never divulged to anyone except the merchant service provider or for the purpose of communication with the customer.

Online Ordering

Online ordering via SSL encrypted communication provided by shopping cart services supporting merchant service companies like Visa and Master Card provides information to the website but does not provide complete credit card numbers. In the process of online ordering, the customer provides, name, address, city, state, email address, phone number, CVV2 (back of card) number, and, occasionally a member password. You should consider all this information available to the website. This information is used to deliver the product, but under the Purchase Agreement you also approve its use for general solicitation purposes.

Visitor Email Inquiries

Website visitors who wish to communicate with the website do so under two conditions: one, they give their permission for contact by the website; two, they are subject to any ‘submission’ provisions of the Terms of Use, Purchase Agreement, or this Privacy Policy.

Customer Email Or Testimonials

If you are a customer and send an email to the website, or if you communicate with the site by phone or mail, the website collects information about your communication and by communicating with the site, you give your permission to collect, archive, retrieve, and otherwise use any information collected as the site sees fit.

Any communication which, in its sole discretion, the site deems to be a testimonial, may be publicized for commercial purposes.

Cookies, and the Information Obtained from Visitor Interaction with this Website

We use ‘Cookies’ to understand how Visitors interact with this site, and to improve the user experience.

“Cookies” is web jargon for bits of computer code placed on your hard drive, which cannot carry viruses and install malware. Websites use this to keep you 'logged in', to keep track of search criteria, to monitor use, to password protect use of the site, and/or for use of products sold by the site.

The following is an overview of the types of Cookies this site uses:

  • Performance
    Cookies can also help improve the Visitor’s experience on the Website. The Site collects information about usage habits and computer configurations, which is used to update how the page appears on various device types (e.g. that the site fits a desktop vs. mobile device), and provides us with insights for business analysis and website improvements.

  • Selections & Preferences
    This Website uses Cookies to remember Visitor selections and preferences to prevent users from repeatedly providing the same information. For example, this type of Cookie would remember which items were added to your shopping cart for purchase while you browse other pages on the site.

  • Personalization
    Cookies can be used to personalize your experience while visiting this website, such as the inclusion or exclusion of content based on individual Visitor preferences and habits. For example, a relevant promotional offer may be displayed on the website based on previous purchases or website viewing habits.

  • Advertising
    This Website uses Cookies to deliver tailored advertising messages, including third-party Cookies that help us determine and facilitate which ads you see on both our Website(s) and on third-party websites. These also help us measure the results of our advertising campaigns, which help us improve the content you see.

  • Other Technologies
    We also uses pixel tags to help with email and website communications. For example, we use pixel tags to determine which emails were opened and acted upon in order to evaluate campaign results, improve our content for the Visitor, and ensure that critical messages are received.

Visitors must assume when using the website (1) that information will be collected, (2) that Cookies will usually be placed on their hard drive.

By using this site, you are expressly giving permission to use Cookies and to use the information gathered from their use to benefit you. You also give permission to collect, archive, retrieve, and use any information collected for product design, product offers to you, and general commercial solicitation purposes by this site or joint venture partners, affiliates, and marketing organizations.

If you prefer to opt-out from using Cookies, you have several options to disable Cookies on your device. There are a variety of third-party resources from to assist you.

Information Obtained From Catalog Requests, Quote Requests or Email List Signups

When a consumer submits a request for a catalog, a quote, or signs up for an email list or to join a forum, data collected can include, but is not limited to, full name, email, telephone number, mailing address, and business name.

How Information May Be Used

The data that is collected from your use of the website will be used for promotional purposes, including but not limited to personalization of content, email marketing (only when opted-in), and different forms of advertising.

In regions outside of North America, data that has been obtained through quote requests, catalog requests, or email inquiries will be shared with the Frontier Sawmills dealer that is responsible for the area the inquiries come from.

In North America, data obtained through a catalog request will be shared with a mail house to distribute catalogs.

Opting Out

If you have signed up for Frontier Sawmills email list, you can opt-out on any message you receive by clicking the unsubscribe button in the footer of the email. If you would like to opt out of marketing (advertising) from Frontier Sawmills, please send an email with your request to [email protected] Attn: Digital Marketing Manager. While we won’t be able to prevent your hard drive from being cookied, we will not retarget you with advertising if you have requested opt-out.

Information That Is Not Shared

Credit card information or other financial information is not usually known to the website. However, in the event that it is made known, that information is never revealed to anyone except to processing authorities or law enforcement agencies. However, the provider of such information gives express permission to this website or its agents to use it in fraud investigation or for litigation.

Data Retention

We maintain data from our customers as long as they continue to be customers, to provide them with service.

We maintain data obtained through inquiries, catalog requests or quote requests for a period of ten years from the time the data was initially obtained. In the case of email marketing, we will ask for re-opt in before purging your data.

Bulletin Boards And Public Forums

Visitors, subscribers, members, or customers who use any site providing bulletin boards or other public forums, such as chat rooms, do so at their own risk. You may not assume that the site monitors these services or protects you in any manner from information you post publicly or share with anyone else via these services.

Data Security

This website takes measures to protect its data that contains information related to you. However, as a consideration for viewing this site or interacting with this site in any manner, you waive all claims of any nature against this site concerning the loss, alteration, or misuse of information. You must assume that it is possible for your personal data to be obtained by others, such as "hackers," and used in an inappropriate manner that may cause you harm and that you agree that the site is not responsible for damages to you.

Revisions To This Privacy Policy Without Notice

This Privacy Policy is dynamic. It will continually change. You may not assume that it remains the same and you agree to check the policy each time you visit the site for changes. Unless, in the sole opinion of the website, this policy changes so drastically as to suggest a posted notification on the site or via email, you will receive no notification of changes to this Privacy Policy nor, under any circumstances, does this site promise notification. Your continued use of this site always evidences your acceptance of the terms this Privacy Policy or any modifications.